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116  Gross Anatomy  (3 units)   Winter

Instructor(s): A. Donjacour

Activities: Lecture, Laboratory

A study of the macroscopic structure of the human body by means of lectures and dissections. Functional aspects of the structures are stressed. Intended for students in the School of Pharmacy.

140.01  Regional Anatomy Dissection  (3 - 9 units)   Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): D. Harmon       Prerequisite(s): Completion of the Foundations 1 curriculum.

Restrictions: Course intended for late third-year and fourth-year medical students       Activities: Seminar, Laboratory

In-depth region based anatomy dissection and didactic course for fourth year medical students. Students choose the regional focus that aligns with their future residency. In addition to dissection, there will be daily student led didactic sessions, relevant case discussions based on the topic of the day, and quizzes to assess student retention. The didactic sessions, case discussions and quizzes will all be conducted with at least one anatomy faculty member present.

150.01  Gross & Regional Anatomy  (3 - 6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): K. Topp       Prerequisite(s): Program must be approved by department and adviser during quarter previous to enrollment

Activities: Laboratory

Individual/group dissection. Advanced review of gross anatomy. Intended as a block elective course for advanced medical or graduate students.

170.30  An-Art-omy  (1 units)   Spring

Instructor(s): D. Harmon       Prerequisite(s): N/A

Restrictions: N/A       Activities: Lecture, Project

The aim of this course will be to reveal the practice of art as a powerful avenue for learning anatomy. The course will include several sessions on basic artistic observational and drawing techniques. Students will also learn key surface anatomy landmarks and their relations to underlying structures through lectures from physicians. Students will then practice these drawing techniques and apply them during nude model drawing sessions to enhance their understanding of anatomy.

198  Supervised Study  (1 - 5 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): D. Harmon

Library research and directed reading under supervision of a member of the faculty with the approval of the chairperson of the department.

207  Neuroscience  (5 units)   Summer

Instructor(s): S. Rosi       Prerequisite(s): Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology or consent of instructor.

Restrictions: DPT and PhD in Rehab Science students, or with the approval of the instructor.       Activities: Lecture, Laboratory

Provides knowledge about the anatomy and function of the human central and peripheral nervous systems with a strong emphasis on clinical relevance. General neuroanatomy topics include the gross and microscopic structure, embryology, and neurophysiology of the brain, spinal cord and nerves with descriptions of alterations in normal anatomy through disease and injury. Will also outline the scientific principles and therapeutic implications of neuroplasticity. Supplemented with lab demonstrations.

250  Research  (1 - 8 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): Staff

Activities: Laboratory