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170.11  Introduction to Stem Cell Biology  (1 units)   Fall, Winter

Instructor(s): M. McMaster       Prerequisite(s): This course is designed primarily for second year medical students who are also taking Life Cycle, but first year students may also take this course.

Restrictions: no       Activities: Lecture

Introduction to Stem Cell Biology: This course is an introduction to stem cell biology. Topics to be covered include the early stages of human development and methods of stem cell derivation. Regenerative medicine therapies will be profiled including neurological, cardiac and pancreatic applications. The role of stem cells in cancer will also be discussed.

245  Cell & Developmental Biology  (4 units)   Fall

Instructor(s): A. Frost       Prerequisite(s): Calculus, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and an advanced course in biology are highly desirable.

Activities: Lecture, Conference

Modern aspects of the molecular basis of cell function are examined with emphasis on how cells move, secrete, divide, and communicate with each other.

250  Research  (1 - 8 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): Staff       Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor

299  Dissertation  (0 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): Staff       Prerequisite(s): Advancement to candidacy and permission of the graduate adviser

For graduate students engaged in writing the dissertation for the PhD degree.