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140.01  Advanced Neurosurgery Clerkship  (1.5 - 18 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): M. McDermott

The student will become a member of the housestaff, attending ward rounds, working up patients, assisting at operations, and taking night call on rotation with a resident. Limited to one student per hospital.

140.02  Off-Campus Clerkship  (3 - 6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): M. McDermott       Prerequisite(s): Neurology 110

Clinical clerkship in approved hospitals by special arrangement, and approval of the dean and chairperson of the department.

140.05  Clinical Neurosurgery  (3 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): M. McDermott       Prerequisite(s): MS3 or MS4 standing.

Restrictions: MS3, MS4       Activities: Conference

Students will shadow a resident and interact with faculty accordingly in the operating room, inpatient setting and outpatient clinic. Student experiences will differ by site but may include treatment of movement disorders, epilepsy, pediatric and adult brain tumors, head and spinal trauma (operative and non-operative management), hydrocephalus, aneurysms, peripheral nerve disorders and disc disease.

150.01  Research in Neurosurgery  (3 - 24 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): Staff       Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor and department.

Activities: Field Work, Laboratory, Project

Research project under the direction of a member of the faculty. Extensive background reading will be required and discussion of important topics will be held at weekly laboratory and program project research conferences.