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117  Foundations of Scientific Inquiry  (2 units)   Fall

Instructor(s): S. Gansky, S. Hyde       Prerequisite(s): None.

Restrictions: ID3 and D1 students.       Activities: Lecture

This course provides an introduction to the scientific method and research process. Students will gain an understanding of the components of a research paper including hypotheses, different research designs and measurement instruments. They will learn how information is gathered, analyzed and presented. Students will develop assessment skills for critiquing the scientific literature.

118  Professional and Community Oral Health Issues  (0 - 2 units)   Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): L. Chung, H. Pollick       Prerequisite(s): None.

Restrictions: D1 students       Activities: Lecture

This course will teach students to assess their own dental caries experience and associated risk factors. Students will also provide an analysis of the combined mean dental caries experience of the student community as a whole as a model to represent a community group. In addition students will work in groups to define social, economic and cultural factors that determine the public health characteristics of a selected community.