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140.01  Advanced InPatient in Urology  (6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): B. Breyer       Prerequisite(s): Surgery 110

Restrictions: Medical student.       Activities: Block Elective

This rotation is an advanced clerkship in Urology that is based at UCSF Moffitt Hospital and the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center at the Mission Bay campus. Students act as a sub-intern on the service and are actively involved in ward care, operative room procedures, and outpatient clinics. Attending rounds, weekly seminars with residents and a real opportunity to become an active member of the urology team.

140.02  Off-Campus Clerkship  (3 - 6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): K. Greene       Prerequisite(s): Surgery 110.

Clinical clerkship in off-campus hospitals approved by the chairperson of the department and the dean.

140.05  Urology Selective  (3 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): K. Greene       Prerequisite(s): 4th year standing

Restrictions: None       Activities: Lecture, Laboratory, Clinical Clerkship

Over a 2-week elective this clerkship insures: 1) solid exposure to a variety of urologic disorders, 2) consistent exposure to urology MDs, 3) continuity of exposure over the 2 week period, 4) exposure to in-patient, out-patient and operating room activity in urology, 5) student exposure to a team of caregivers and the satisfaction of becoming a team member.

150.01  Research in Urology  (3 - 24 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): K. Greene       Prerequisite(s): Must be third- or fourth-year medical student.

Restrictions: None       Activities: Independent Study, Laboratory, Project

Research project under the direction of a member of the Department of Urology.

170.01  Introduction to Urology  (1 units)   Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): K. Greene       Prerequisite(s): None

Restrictions: There are no restrictions       Activities: Lecture

This course is an introduction to urology and urological surgery. Students will be exposed to many aspects of urology including: oncology, trauma, reconstruction, pediatrics, infertility, andrology, transgender care, female urology/pelvic medicine, BPH/voiding dysfunction and nephrolithiasis. This lecture series presents patient cases, current research, innovative surgical techniques, and career options in urology. Students who enroll in the course will also get to observe procedures in the OR.