Course Catalog » Nursing 245B

Subject: Nursing
Course Number: 245B
Course Title: Clinical Prevention and Population Health B
Units: 1
School: Nursing
Department: Community Health Care Systems
Additional (School) Department: (Nursing) Family Health Care Nursing

Course Description: Participants investigate the determinants of population health and the relationship between health and disease among individuals through literature appraisal, theory analysis, and projects. Students also explore clinical prevention strategies and health policies that influence health determinants and improve health care outcomes.
Prerequisites: Satisfactorily completed the N200, N262A&B, N245A
Restrictions: Satisfactorily completed N200, N262A&B, N245A or enrolled by consent of the instructor
Activities: Lecture, Seminar, Web-based course work

Instructor of Record: C. Stephens
May the student choose the instructor for this course? No
Does enrollment in this course require instructor approval? Yes

Quarter(s) Offered: Spring
Course Grading Convention: Letter Grade
Graduate Division course: No
Is this a web-based online course? No
Is this an Interprofessional Education (IPE) course? No
May students in the Graduate Division (i.e. pursuing Master or PhD) enroll in this course? No
Repeat course for credit? No