Course Catalog » Biomedical Imaging 204

Subject: Biomedical Imaging
Course Number: 204
Course Title: Principles of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Ultrasound
Units: 2
School: Graduate Division
Department: Biomedical Imaging Program

Course Description: This course will introduce the physical principles of ultrasound and its interaction with tissue. Ultrasound hardware and imaging modes, including Doppler flow imaging, will be explored and demonstrated through real world examples. Therapeutic ultrasound will subsequently be introduced. Topics will include the effects of ultrasound and heating on tissue, acoustic modeling, bioheat transfer, treatment monitoring and feedback control.
Prerequisites: Admission to the course is by permission of the instructor.
Restrictions: Registration in the Master's of Science in Biomedical Imaging program at UCSF or by permission of the instructor, generally to students with an undergraduate degree in the basic sciences or engineering.
Activities: Direct - Lecture, Student - Lecture

Instructor of Record: D. Saloner
May the student choose the instructor for this course? No
Does enrollment in this course require instructor approval? Yes

Quarter(s) Offered: Winter
Course Grading Convention: Letter Grade
Graduate Division course: Yes
Is this a web-based online course? No
Is this an Interprofessional Education (IPE) course? No
May students in the Graduate Division (i.e. pursuing Master or PhD) enroll in this course? Yes
Repeat course for credit? No