Course Catalog » Dental Hygiene 202C

Subject: Dental Hygiene
Course Number: 202C
Course Title: DH Curriculum Development and Methods of Instruction
Units: 3
School: Graduate Division
Department: Dental Hygiene Program

Course Description: Development of expertise and skills necessary to become a dental hygiene education scholar will be facilitated in this course series. Graduate learners will actively engage in the teaching/learning process. Course series concludes with a continued focus on individual learner assessment with an emphasis on program evaluation, curriculum maintenance, and enhancement. Cultivating dental hygiene educators as leaders with a scholarly identity is an overarching theme.
Prerequisites: DH200A, DH200B, DH202A, DH202B, DPH210, DH204, DH206, DH220, DH208
Restrictions: Open only to students enrolled in the MS-DH program or by consent of program director
Activities: Lecture

Instructor of Record: E. Ortega
May the student choose the instructor for this course? No
Does enrollment in this course require instructor approval? No

Quarter(s) Offered: Spring
Course Grading Convention: Letter Grade
Graduate Division course: Yes
Is this a web-based online course? No
Is this an Interprofessional Education (IPE) course? No
May students in the Graduate Division (i.e. pursuing Master or PhD) enroll in this course? No
Repeat course for credit? No