Course Catalog » Nursing 263.13

Subject: Nursing
Course Number: 263.13
Course Title: Methods and Measurement for Translational Practice Inquiry
Units: 3
School: Nursing
Department: Family Health Care Nursing

Course Description: In this second quarter, the DNP students will utilize advanced concepts in research methods and measurement strategies that are applicable to support the advanced practice nurse for translational practice. Students will access, evaluate, and utilize data from various sources including research, quality improvement initiatives, and information technology origins to achieve improvements in care delivery and practice.
Prerequisites: None
Restrictions: Course only open to first year DNP students. Instructor's approval is required to enroll in this course.
Activities: Conference, Web-based course work

Instructor of Record: J. Chen
May the student choose the instructor for this course? No
Does enrollment in this course require instructor approval? Yes

Quarter(s) Offered: Summer
Course Grading Convention: Letter Grade
Graduate Division course: Yes
Is this a web-based online course? Yes
Is this an Interprofessional Education (IPE) course? No
May students in the Graduate Division (i.e. pursuing Master or PhD) enroll in this course? Yes
Repeat course for credit? No