Course Catalog » Neurosciences 243

Subject: Neurosciences
Course Number: 243
Course Title: Cognitive Neuroscience
Units: 3
School: Graduate Division
Department: Neuroscience Program

Course Description: This course will cover research investigating the neural basis of cognition, primarily focusing on neurophysiological studies in humans using MRI, MEG, EEG, and TMS. Topics to be covered include visual perception, attention, memory, sensory and motor control and language. Offered every three years.
Prerequisites: NEUROSCI 201A, 301B, 201C or permission of course director.
Restrictions: None.
Activities: Seminar

Instructor of Record: A. Gazzaley
May the student choose the instructor for this course? No
Does enrollment in this course require instructor approval? No

Quarter(s) Offered: Winter
Course Grading Convention: Letter Grade
Graduate Division course: Yes
Is this a web-based online course? No
Is this an Interprofessional Education (IPE) course? No
May students in the Graduate Division (i.e. pursuing Master or PhD) enroll in this course? Yes
Repeat course for credit? No