Course Catalog » Course Listing for Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

215  Laboratory Rotation  (3 - 8 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): Staff       Prerequisite(s): None.

Restrictions: For graduate students enrolled in the DSCB Program.       Activities: Laboratory, Project

Research experience in the laboratory of DSCB faculty members. Rotations will be six weeks each (two in one term and one in another). Students can select the laboratory of any faculty member within the DSCB Graduate Program.

216  Journal Club  (1 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): J. Bush, J. Reiter, R. Blelloch       Prerequisite(s): None.

Restrictions: None.       Activities: Direct - Seminar, Student - Seminar

Participation in the Developmental Biology Journal Club and Stem Cell Biology Journal Club, which cover current research publications in developmental and stem cell biology. Each student must contribute regularly and present a research paper on at least one occasion per quarter. Presentations will be evaluated by fellow students, postdocs, and faculty. Course culminates with an annual student-run Symposium.

217  Seminar Series  (1 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): B. Black       Prerequisite(s): None.

Restrictions: None.       Activities: Direct - Seminar, Student - Seminar

Seminar series covering research in developmental and stem cell biology. Each student must participate regularly and presentations will be critically reviewed by students in group discussions under supervision by faculty or guest lecturers.

250  Research  (1 - 8 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): Staff       Prerequisite(s): Students must have completed prior laboratory rotations.

Restrictions: None.       Activities: Laboratory

Dissertation research in a Developmental & Stem Cell Biology (DSCB) laboratory.

257  Developmental and Stem Cell Biology  (3 - 4 units)   Fall

Instructor(s): S. Knox, J. Sneddon       Prerequisite(s): Previous or concurrent enrollment in graduate level cell biology.

Restrictions: None.       Activities: Lecture, Seminar, Project

Conveys fundamental principles in developmental and stem cell biology applied to the study of selected lineages, tissues, and organ systems. Experimental approaches, including the use of animal models and cell lines, will be considered. Critical thinking and scientific communication skills will be developed through regular writing assignments, by designing a research proposal, and by engaging in peer review exercises.

270  Special Topics in Developmental & Stem Cell Biology  (3 units)   Spring

Instructor(s): Staff       Prerequisite(s): None. Completion of first-year curriculum in Developmental & Stem Cell Biology or other experimental biology graduate programs is helpful but not essential.

Restrictions: Biomedical Sciences graduate students and other graduate and professional students with interests in DSCB. Permission from instructor required.       Activities: Direct - Lecture, Direct - Independent Study, Direct - Conference, Student - Lecture

Course offerings will focus on literature of a current important area of Development & Stem Cell biology research. Students will be expected to read assigned papers critically before class and to present and discuss papers in class. Students will also be expected to write and/or present a brief research proposal based upon their reading.