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214  Ethics and the Responsible Conduct of Research  (2 units)   Spring

Instructor(s): B. Conklin, L. Silva       Prerequisite(s): None.

Restrictions: None.       Activities: Lecture

This course will cover topics related to the responsible conduct of research such as conflicts of interest, responsible authorship, policies regarding the use of human and animal subjects, handling misconduct, proper data management, research funding rules and procedures. Students will review and present case studies for class discussion.

285  GSICE Career and Professional Development Training  (1 units)   Winter

Instructor(s): T. O'Brien       Prerequisite(s): None

Restrictions: Only graduate students who have been accepted into the GSICE Program are allowed to register for this course.       Activities: Lecture, Workshop

This is the training program for graduate students accepted into the Graduate Student Internships for Career Exploration (GSICE) Program. The course covers career and professional development training (Individual Development Plans, job search skills, interviewing skills, communication skills) with a focus on career transitions that occur at the end of graduate training. Special emphasis is placed on preparation for more intensive career exploration activities, such as internships.