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204  Molecular and Cellular Immunology  (3 units)   Fall

Instructor(s): J. Cyster, C. Lowell       Prerequisite(s): Undergraduate level knowledge of molecular biology, cell biology and genetics. Some basic knowledge of the immune system is helpful but not required.

Restrictions: None other than the prerequisite       Activities: Direct - Lecture, Direct - Workshop, Direct - Discussion, Student - Lecture, Student - Discussion

Topics to be covered: Mechanisms of innate immunity, inflammation, immunoglobulin gene rearrangements, cell biology of antigen presentation to T-cells and of lymphocyte trafficking, antigen and cytokine receptor structure and signaling, lymphocyte development and activation, mechanisms of cell-mediated killing of infected and neoplastic cells, whole organism immune response to infection, diseases of the immune system, including allergy, autoimmunity, and AIDS, and immune cell engineering.

211  Integrative Microbiology Seminar Series  (1 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): A. Sil       Prerequisite(s): None.

Restrictions: None.       Activities: Direct - Lecture, Student - Lecture

The Integrative Microbiology Seminar Series consists of weekly presentations of research on multiple aspects of microbe-host interactions, basic microbiology, and innate immunity. Speakers include scientists at other institutions as well as UCSF researchers.

212  Immunology Journal Club  (1 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): A. Erlebacher       Prerequisite(s): Micro 204

Restrictions: None.       Activities: Direct - Lecture, Student - Lecture

Course explores recent discoveries in Immunology. Students required to present once for 25 minutes. Presentations can be on recent publications of immunological interest, or student's own research. The focus on current immunological knowledge and recent breakthroughs exposes students to material relevant to their research projects. Faculty are assigned for each presentation as necessary. All students in ImmunoX-affiliated labs are required to take the course.