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122  Mammalian Physiology II  (1 - 4 units)   Winter

Instructor(s): I. Mitrovic       Prerequisite(s): Physiology 121 or consent of instructor.

Restrictions: none       Activities: Lecture

Physiology 122 is a continuation of a two-part course in mammalian physiology designed primarily for pharmacy and physical therapy students. It covers renal physiology, gastrointestinal physiology and functions of the nervous system including aspects of neurotransmitters, sensory and motor systems. Physical therapy students will register for 1 unit and cover renal physiology content only. Pharmacy students will register for 4 units and cover all content in the course.

198  Supervised Study  (1 - 6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): Staff       Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor.

Restrictions: None       Activities: Block Elective

Library research and directed reading under supervision of a member of the faculty with the approval of the chairperson of the department.

220  Essential Immunology and Immunopathology  (2.5 units)   Fall

Instructor(s): Staff       Prerequisite(s): None

Restrictions: None. Course is designed for first year and more senior Ph.D. program graduate students in every experimental biomedical science program in the SOM or SOP (e.g. Tetrad, CCB, Biophysics, BMI, BMS, Neuroscience, PSPG). Course enrollment does not require prior coursework in immunology .       Activities: Lecture, Conference, Project

This course will provide UCSF Ph.D. program graduate students with the essentials of immunology and immunopathology. Course is designed for entering students with interest in translational or clinical research. Interested students should contact the UCSF GEMS Program for additional information.