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212  Health Policy & Law Seminar: Capstone Write Up  (3 units)   Spring

Instructor(s): G. Cochran, J. King       Prerequisite(s): Enrollment in the MS HPL program.

Restrictions: Only students enrolled in the MS HPL program can enroll in Policy Law courses.       Activities: Direct - Project, Online - Web-based course work

This course is devoted to completing and presenting the capstone project activities and results. Students earn credits for producing the capstone project deliverables. Course instructors and the course facilitator will conduct scheduled live office hour sessions and other live interactive opportunities.

249  Independent Study - Health Policy and Law  (1 - 6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring

Instructor(s): Staff       Prerequisite(s): None

Restrictions: None       Activities: Project

Independent Study in Health Policy and Law provides opportunities for Health Policy & Law master's degree students to work with individual faculty members on topics tailored to the student's special interest with individualized readings and other learning materials, papers and other deliverables, and meetings with the instructor.