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130.01  Introduction to Hematology and Hematopathology  (3 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): Y. Xie       Prerequisite(s): None

Restrictions: Medical Students in Foundations 2       Activities: Clinical Clerkship

This is a Bridges Curriculum Clinical Immersive Experience (CIEx), which provide medical students in Foundations 2 opportunities to broaden and enhance their professional development in health care settings different from those of their core clerkships. Students will gain experience in clinical laboratory hematology and hematopathology, including a variety of different blood disorders, as well as transfusion medicine.

140.01  Principles of Laboratory Medicine  (3 - 6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): Z. Amenhotep, A. Wu, B. Haller       Prerequisite(s): Two years of medical school.

Activities: Seminar, Laboratory, Clinical Clerkship

Laboratory sessions, seminars and rounds at SFGH correlate laboratory tests with clinical case studies. This course covers general principles and specific topics in chemistry, hematology, microbiology, serology, immunology and transfusion medicine. The schedule can be modified to accommodate special interests.

140.06  Transfusion Medicine Elective  (6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): S. Bakhtary, E. Nedelcu       Prerequisite(s): NA

Restrictions: NA       Activities: Clinical Clerkship

This novel Transfusion Medicine Elective is designed to prepare future physicians to understand the overall transfusion process, blood bank testing, blood products indications and contraindications, transfusion reactions and other transfusion-related topics with emphasis on achieving practical skills, including how to appropriately order blood products, and recognize and report transfusion reactions.

140.07  Hematology  (3 - 6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): S. Kogan

Activities: Conference

Students participate in daily operations of the hematology laboratory, working with a resident on either the Bone Marrow or Heme-Coag rotations evaluating current case materials, attending daily signout rounds, and attending weekly teaching conferences.

140.08  Laboratory Medicine Microbiology  (6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): B. Haller

Activities: Lecture, Seminar, Conference, Laboratory

Course provides practical microbiology laboratory instruction correlated with clinical infectious disease rounds. The goal is a better understanding of how to use the laboratory for infectious diseases diagnosis. The schedule can be modified to accommodate special interests in microbiology.