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140.28  Plastic Surgery Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - Fresno  (6 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): B. Woo       Prerequisite(s): Surgery 110

Restrictions: none       Activities: Direct - Clinical Experience/Patient Contact

This clerkship provides an intensive exposure to the broad spectrum of conditions encountered in the practice of plastic surgery and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. There is hands-on experience in the operating room and clinic. Students will participate in the care of patients with congenital anomalies, traumatic deformities, acquired defects requiring reconstruction, including free tissue transfer and hand surgery, maxillofacial infection, trauma, and pathology, and elective surgeries.

140.30  Dentistry for Medical Students  (3 - 12 units)   Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Instructor(s): B. Bast       Prerequisite(s): Completion of year 1 of medical school.

Restrictions: OMFS student enrolled in the SOM.       Activities: Direct - Lecture, Direct - Workshop, Direct - Clinical Experience/Patient Contact, Student - Lecture

Students will conduct oral screenings and evaluate patients with dental problems including toothache, oral pathology, dentofacial deformities, temporomandibular joint pathology, and preprosthetic problems. They will learn to give intraoral injections, perform intraoral biopsies, extract simple teeth and assist with more major surgical procedures. Students will demonstrate progressive competence, independence, and advanced skill in patient care delivery based on student level in the program.

170.40  Orofacial Medicine for Medical Students  (1 units)   Winter

Instructor(s): K. Topp       Prerequisite(s): N/A

Restrictions: N/A       Activities: Direct - Lecture, Student - Lecture

“Orofacial Medicine for Medical Students” offers an overview of the dental/orofacial conditions that physicians may encounter in diverse patient populations. Major topics include common pathologies and variations of normal observed in the oral cavity, the recognition and classification of caries, and how to educate patients about oral hygiene and fluoride use.

416  History Taking and Physical Diagnosis  (2.5 units)   Summer

Instructor(s): T. Connelly, M. Pogrel, R. Silva, B. Bast, S. Miyasaki       Prerequisite(s): Enrollment in a DENTAL postgraduate program

Restrictions: Enrollment in Periodontics, Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery, GPR, Oral Med, Prostho, or Endo postgraduate program       Activities: Direct - Seminar, Student - Seminar

This course is designed to familiarize students with the techniques of history taking and the basic methods of physical examination. Practical experience in physical examination and historical interviews will be demonstrated in the hospital environment.